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In the video, the creator discusses the use of AI in web design, specifically the AI tool Mid-Journey. The creator explains that while the AI tool can produce ugly results if the correct prompts are not given, it can also produce impressive designs. The creator demonstrates how to use AI to generate ideas for a landing page for a fictional donut business. They use AI to create an asset of donuts and then use the AI-generated layout as inspiration for their own design. The creator concludes that AI can be an excellent tool for inspiration in UI/UX design and encourages viewers to consider using it.

How to Use AI to Create a Landing Page: A Guide for UI/UX Designers

In the world of UI/UX design, it can be challenging to come up with new and innovative ideas for landing pages. However, with the advancement of AI technology, designers can now leverage AI tools to get inspired and create a landing page that stands out. In this article, we will be exploring the benefits of using AI for landing page design and the process of creating a landing page with AI.

The Benefits of Using AI for Landing Page Design

  • Saves time by providing starting points for layout, color scheme, and more.
  • Offers inspiration from a range of design options.
  • Can generate designs that are beyond the capabilities of human designers.

The Power of AI-Generated Layouts

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design has gained popularity in recent years. With advancements in AI technology, it’s now possible to use AI to generate layouts for websites and other digital platforms.

One of the biggest advantages of AI-generated layouts is speed. With AI, designers can quickly generate multiple layout options, making the design process much faster. This can be particularly useful for those working on tight deadlines or for those who need to generate a large number of design options in a short amount of time.

Another advantage of AI-generated layouts is the level of customization available. With AI, designers can input specific design requirements and constraints, such as preferred color schemes and layout styles, and AI algorithms will generate layouts based on these inputs. This makes it possible for designers to create layouts that are specifically tailored to their needs and preferences.

Moreover, AI-generated layouts can provide designers with new and innovative ideas. AI algorithms can analyze design trends and patterns, providing designers with fresh and unique layout ideas that they may not have thought of on their own.

However, it’s important to note that AI-generated layouts are not a replacement for human designers. AI algorithms can only generate layouts based on the data and information they’ve been trained on, so they may not always produce designs that are suitable for every situation. Human designers are still needed to make final decisions and to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the client and their audience.

In conclusion, AI-generated layouts have the potential to revolutionize the way designers approach UI and UX design. They offer a fast and customizable solution, while also providing designers with fresh and innovative ideas. However, it’s important to use AI-generated layouts in conjunction with human designers, who can make the final decisions and ensure that the design meets the needs of the client and their audience.

The Process of Creating an AI-Inspired Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page with AI Step 1: Choose the Right AI Tool There are many AI tools available for UI/UX designers. One such tool is Midjourney, which allows designers to generate designs with the help of prompts.

Step 2: Issue the Right Prompts To get the best results from AI tools like Midjourney, it’s crucial to issue the right prompts. For example, if you want to create a simplistic landing page for a donut website, you can issue the prompt: “Simplistic landing page for a donut website design UI/UX, etc.”

Step 3: Gather Assets Once you have the AI-generated layout, you can use it as inspiration to gather assets such as images of donuts that you like.

Step 4: Use AI as Inspiration Using the AI-generated layout and the assets you gathered, you can create your own design inspired by the AI layout. This process can involve matching the background of the asset with the layout and adding actual text to the design.

Step 5: Finalize the Design After you have created a layout that you are satisfied with, you can finalize the design and make any necessary changes.

In conclusion, AI can be an excellent tool for UI/UX designers to use for landing page design inspiration. By using AI tools like Midjourney and following the steps outlined in this article, designers can create landing pages that are innovative, time-saving, and visually appealing.


AI can be an excellent tool for UI/UX inspiration, much in the same way that one might use dribble or behance. It’s important to remember that the layouts generated by AI are just starting points, and should be modified as necessary to fit your specific needs.

The author concludes by asking viewers if they are utilizing AI for their UI/UX inspiration, and encourages them to share their thoughts in the comments. They also invite viewers to check out to learn more about UI/UX, CSS, and more.

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